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Links to other online texts of Malory's Morte Darthur:


Early English Books Online (Requires Subscription)


Sacred Texts


H. Oskar Sommer's 1889-91 transcription of the 1485 edition of the Morte Darthur printed by William Caxton at the University of Michigan


Malory Project


Links to online texts of some of Malory's sources:


TEAMS website (has the alliterative and stanzaic Morte)


Textes de Francais Ancien


French Vulgate at the Internet Archive


Links to information about Sir Thomas Malory:


Cambridge History of English and American Literature: Sir Thomas Malory


Wikipedia on Sir Thomas Malory


Links to information about the history/lore of King Arthur:


La legende du roi Arthur


Timeless Myths


Lugodocís Guide


Arthurian Legend.Com


The Arthur of the English


ARTHURIANA (a journal on all things Arthurian)




Brittania History: King Arthur


Camelot Project at the University of Rochester


Labyrinth: Arthurian Studies at the University of Georgetown


Other interesting websites on Medieval Studies:




Cambridge Illuminations


The Piers Plowman Archive


Chaucer Metapage


ORB: Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies


Aberdeen Bestiary


The Electronic Beowulf


Bayeux Tapestry & Hengwrt facsimile


The Digital Medievalist


Corpus of Middle English Texts


Digital Scriptorium


Harvard Chaucer


Heroic Age


Leaves of Gold


Material Culture in the Late Middle Ages


Illuminating the Medieval Hunt


Internet Medieval Sourcebook


Medieval Warfare


Middle English Dictionary


TEAMS Middle English Texts


Anthology of Middle English Literature