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Now, most importantly, any project of this breadth cannot be completed without the help and support of many talented people:


First of all, Dr. Thomas Hanks at Baylor University first conceived of this project a number of years ago and has been working since then to make it happen. He has provided oversight and advice to all involved in this project. 


Laura Bedwell, a current Ph.D. student at Baylor University checked and formatted the section concerning Sir Urry and transcribed the opening pages of section XII through parts of section XIII ending with tale of Percivale around folio 369. 


Also, one of the earliest pieces of transcription, section VI, was done by a Ph.D student at Baylor University by the name of, Celia Lewis, and her formatting has been the one used in the transcription you see here. 


Parts of the Lancelot were transcribed by, Elizabeth Boyd, which have been made consistent with the transcription’s formatting and included here. 


Also, Clay Kinsner, checked and corrected certain parts of the transcription. 


And of course, we must thank the wonderful people at Baylor University for providing the atmosphere and encouragement for such a project to occur. 


Lastly, most of the transcription of the Winchester you will see here (about 7/8ths of it) was done by myself, as well as all the final formatting and corrections (up to this point). I was also the one who has conceived and put this entire website together in the form it currently appears. Any future changes or corrections will also be done by me. My name is Karen Brown Campbell. I am currently a Ph.d. student and Graduate Part Time Instructor at Texas Tech University. And of course I must also thank my family and friends for their continued support and encouragement without which this never would have gotten done. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at kb755779@aol.com


Enjoy your visit!